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Wastewater Applications

Water is an increasingly high-value commodity. As a renewable resource, our Global reserves are eroding, providing an opportunity to harness Wastewater Management techniques. Ascend Waterworks provides innovative and sustainable solutions in the water repurposing market. Our technology can be utilized in any industry that generates Wastewater creating a clean re-usable or disposable by-product. We are focused on increasing efficiencies and reducing costs aiding in the maintenance and realization of Global Wastewater Initiatives.

Oil & Gas

River Rental Tools (RRT) – a strategic partner of Ascend Waterworks, was called on to pump, pig, and treat the returning fluid from 20 pipelines as part of a large pipeline remediation campaign...

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Urban and Industrial wastewater flows directly into the Almoloya Del Río Lagoons and the Lerma River drastically deteriorating the quality and volume of available fresh water...




Agriculture & Irrigation

Food Processing

Disaster Recovery

About Ascend Waterworks Inc.

Ascend Waterworks Inc. is a wastewater treatment technology company focused on the development and implementation of nano-chemistry to increase efficiency and reduce costs throughout the wastewater treatment process.

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