Our Nano Technology

Clean Water is No Small Matter

NFD is an insoluble polymer dispersion treatment solution that is designed specifically for the primary stage in the wastewater treatment process. When mixed with contaminated water, NFD rapidly and efficiently encapsulates oils, greases, organics, and suspended solids.

Environmental & Technical Benefits

  • The provision of clear/clean water from wastewater and a reusable, recyclable or re-purposed by-product
  • Our technology provides substantial environmental, financial, and economical benefits through the processing of large volumes of stored wastewaters in batch mode
  • NFD technology enables the processed water to be effectively discharged, reused, recovered, or provide a fluid for a more effective Secondary and Tertiary treatment process
  • NFD is highly tolerant of variations in the makeup of the effluent requiring remediation; this enables the Nano-polymer to be utilized in diverse wastewater treatment applications
  • Since NFD uses an insoluble flocculant, it does not affect the viscosity of water, making it infinitely scalable for municipal and industrial applications
  • NFD is hydrophobic, which makes dewatering of the flock much easier and more efficient
  • The polymer in NFD is environmentally friendly as it is derived from ethylene and is food-rated


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